Got a new Fender Strat

I’ve been listening to a lot of blues music lately and have been practicing on my acoustic.  I didn’t have an electric that could get that good authentic blues tone. I had Fender on the mind and put enough cash together to get a good Mexican made model.

So I hopped down to my local Guitar Center during their recent Presidents Day sale to see what they had. As usual their left handed selection was extremely limited. They had two sunburst Tele’s, a Squire strat, a couple Epiphone Pauls, and a cheap Ibanez. One of the Tele’s was my best bet. I played them both and decided on one.

I got it home, changed the strings to .10’s and plugged in. Sound wise it wasn’t bad at all. But I just couldn’t get the thing to tune right or stay in tune very long once I managed to get it close. I had the feeling I would be stuck with a lifetime of frustration if I kept it. And although I do like Tele’s, there was something in the back of my mind that was saying Strat.

After two days of giving the Tele a chance, I called Guitar Center to see if I could bring it back and trade it in for a Strat order. Of course they were more than happy to exchange.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.32.51 PM

The Standard mexican made strat is the price equivalent to the Tele I had. Fenders color options for Leftys are pretty limited to only 5. I chose Lake Placid Blue, unsure if I was going to like it. Now that I have the guitar, I love the color. The photo on the Fender website doesn’t do this guitar justice.

After changing the strings, I played the heck out of her the first night I had her. It sounded great, felt great, played great and stayed in tune. I am much happier with this guitar than I was with the Tele. Sweet guitar.


Blues Essentials: 7 chords

I’m ashamed to say, that even though I’ve been playing for 25 years now, I never really understood a lot of what I was playing. I just played by ear and with chord charts, but never really understood or memorized different types of basic chords. I’ve played a lot of hours of blues scales, but neglected chords used a lot in blues. So now is the time for learning. Better late than never I guess.

Here is a list of 6 basic 7 chords used a lot in blues music.

A7 B7 C7 D7 E7 G7


Even after many years of playing, I didn’t realize how important these chords are in the blues world. Learn em, practice em, play around with different strumming and picking techniques.

Opening with the blues

I’m back after a couple of years of life changing events. I had to take some time to square away some family issues, plus we had a new addition to our family. Now my guitar itch is back and I’m feeling the blues. To get back into things I’ve started with a couple of simple blues bits that are easy to learn and incorporate into your playing.

This first piece is an intro to an E blues song.



The next thing I worked on tonight is from this youtube video. It really helps with the blues playing working up and down the neck.